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Why shoes?

“So what do you do when you are stuck on a rainy day in a desolate place¦. like a small village seemingly a haven for retirees but not for the actively living, or would-be living. Well you shop on the net. So you have time and a valid c/c, where do you go first? I like to check out the international shoe market. Somehow shoes make me feel special. Maybe because one’s feet are something more special then one knows. It doesnt matter how well dressed you are, or how good your make-up is, if your shoes are old and scruffy “ you simply disappear into insignificance. Or you could even become an unwanted item. On the other hand, if you should have great looking shoes on, all of a sudden you become the centre of attention. Everybody wants to know you. That is what I call the Cinderella syndrome. Suddenly all the gentleman are around you and all the women are jealous¦ Yeeeh, you know, the old fashioned gentlemen who kiss your hand and help you out of the car. They open the door for you and take you out for dinner. They take care of the bill and they send you flowers and treat you like a lady. Wish I had ten feet and could show off all my newest shoes¦ So what are your thoughts today? …………. Claudia”

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