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Why a Bricks and Mortar retailer needs a website

“Why a bricks and Mortar retail store should have a web site. The most compelling reason is cheap advertising and it can easily be free advertising. Many consumers, and a rapidly growing number, search online and compare prices and products befor they buy. The internet is a wonderfull mechanism for comparison shopping and always will be. Consumers are becoming more and more used to finding information on the internet and they can easily be led to find your web page. A few product or showroom images with brief descriptions can often be a good reason for a consumer in a nearby area to make the effort to travel a little further than normal to investigate your store. You know shoppers like new products and new presentations and wont miss a new store if they discover one. The ability to keep your web catalog alive with current information about your business can never be under stated. Doing business online can be at a level to suit you. The possibilities are to expand the marketplace to national and even international markets, and reach whole new customer bases. You could make the jump to a high level online marketing presence with a shopping cart store that processes credit cards online. You could come back a level to develop your own web site with you own domain name and a full online brochure on your business for a modest investment. Or you can even have a small presence as simple as a single page on a free web page hosting site like your free bigpond home page or other ISP provided home page or like a free page on Google Sites Whatever level of presence you choose, a website address on your business cards and letterheads tells your clients that you have something extra for them. With a web site/Web page, you have an inexpensive brochure that can be as detailed as you like, which is always there, and does not need to be posted out to clients. And you can email the website address and have a home shopper see a picture of a product in minutes. Your Web site conveys your personality across the internet and into shoppers homes. A web presence also improves your branding or recognition as a cutomer who notices you web page who does not follow up immediately will still have had your brand or logo image implanted on them. Your business presence on-line appears to be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week and your customers can get information about your business 24 hours per day and it really is the cheapest form of advertising. When building your web sites/web pages dont forget about the importance of links and how to get ranked by the Search engines.”

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