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Web Site Design – Dont Publish your Email Address

“Really this topic should be elementary in 2007, however many new website owners are not realising just how big a problem this becomes.Dont Hyperlink your Email Address It is NOT a good idea to publish an email address on any page anywhere on the internet. I can hear some website owners say œbut I want prospective buyers to be able to send a request to me easily and instantly, at any time. Well that is what email is for. However you can make your email available to the prospective customers without publishing it in a way that can easily be harvested and abused. There are tens of thousands of junk mailers sending million of spam emails every HOUR over the internet. They collect addresses in thousands with spider software (which they can download for free). The software automatically travels the internet pages searching for and storing email addresses. Usually these spiders are directed by keywords, to find more relevant emails for them to spam. If you get on one of these spammers lists, you are likely to quickly get on many of them and will wish you had not.Do not Publish an email address in Text Format There are two simple options to avoid publishing your email address. Either use a form to email page (formmail) where the email address is stored in your web site’s unpublished software. (Make sure you use one that is properly set up so that spammers cant sent email using your online form, and your domain name as the sender) or the second most sensible option is to publish your email on a graphic. (A small picture of the text). A graphic representation of your email address should also these days be deliberately distorted so that new graphics reading software can not store the text. A human eye can sort out a carefully distorted graphic image of text and type in the email address. It is not as convenient as clicking a hyperlinked text or graphic instance of the email address, but any prospective customer who really wants to send a message to you wont mind typing the email address into their mail program.”

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