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The Simple Secret To Making Your Website Generate Sales

“The answer to this will surprise most website owners and it is important for small business owners to understand this. The topic is splattered all over the internet. However the answer is really no secret, and its very, very simple and very elementary. The subject is analysed in great detail on many sites by SEO (Search Engine Optimisation services). Page optimisation is important; however the main thing is your PageRank (popularity ranking) with the Google search engine. (The only one that really matters). To get a better PageRank, you need to get votes (links) from other websites, preferably related subject websites that are already popular from links to them. The reason why this is so, can be simply explained and easily verified. First you need to understand that search engines build their database of web sites and rank them using software alone. (Because the sheer number of web pages on the www makes it physically and economically impossible to do otherwise). Search engines like Google continuously spider the www and collect details of each page and determine what each page is about based on the text on those pages. That’s the easy part. Just a snack for modern computers and simple software, however they wont ever find your page(s) unless they can follow a link from another page. Then, because Google wants to be the best Search engine, it needs to select the most relevant page from its database to satisfy a search. For many search topics it has over 1 Million relevant pages, however the searcher expects that the most relevant pages will be on the top of those search results, so Google has to find ways to refine its ranking of those pages. The most useful and effective way for Google to do this, in an automated way, is to measure the number of links a page has from other pages. This strategy assumes that when someone is linking to another page, they have first visited that page and assessed that its content is as described in their link to it. (so thats a free human review of that page that Google can simply count from its database). So retailers and wholesalers, get started and get listed with related web sites (like ) now. Get you PageRank increased and get regular traffic from Google that is both Free AND qualified (users have searched for your topic). For a full review of this topic see this Retailers Resources article.”

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