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The Must-Have Decade

“The must-have decade is regurgitating fashion from this century as if they discovered something unbelievably new. (Well maybe they did discover that there was life 40 years ago too…) This regurgitation is happening faster and faster. So when we have nothing left to bring back anymore, maybe we’ll all get back to the individual style and be happy again. We’ll finally be one offs once more. When you don’t have to have the same shoes as Madonna, or the same dress as Nicole Kidman or the same hairdo as Jennifer Aniston. I’m sure there is something deeper in every woman than to imitate someone else. I’m sure one can be individual and does not have to be told what to wear and how to wear it. But if you do have to be told, (or you think so), then make sure that it suits your shape and age. So when you want to put on that frilly lacy skirt that barely covers your hind side and you still want to show off your shrivelled cleavage including your belly button – think about dignity and taste. You don’t have to – you can be tasteful and still be fashionable. You don’t have to follow the advice of a magazine on how to look ridiculous. …………… Claudia”

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