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Stylist and Designer Labels

“How pompous does it sound: white on white! Black on black! The style gurus said! I just had a thought. How do you get to be declared a style guru? What is the education you need to get the title? Could I declare myself to be a fashion or style guru? I feel that if I only could dress without any taste and any sense, don’t comb my hair for about a week and don’t wash, – I could be a real success! (Since I’m working many hours lately I’m feeling very close to it.) Label lovers? Oh my, what would the world do without you? We have so many labels indeed that knowing them all became pointless. I would say if you can separate these labels; Big W, K-Mart and Target, from anything else, you’re doing just fine. The rest is a blur. In the old days a good conversationalist used to have to know the latest current affairs, yet today we are all expected to know the hip new labels. I recently overheard What a succes! Have you herd, young John Serengetti opened a fur shop and conquered the USA market. He’s on his way to conquer Europe. We must have furs! Never mind the 35 degree Celcius outside. We’ll have ice cream to compensate. It became a social must (yeah, you guessed it!) to know the labels. You go to a party and they ask you: have you seen the latest from Karabouchinki? You don’t know who that is!? You dont!!! Well…lets talk to someone else. So I figured that this label thing must be an essential life skill if you want to mingle with a certain class. So off I go to do my homework. I need to identify all the latest labels. ……Claudia”

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