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Space Planning Concepts for Retail Shops

“ The purpose of a retail concept is to house, display and sell goods and services and in consequence realize a return on investment. Retail concepts are in essence a combination of marketing and design. The retailer needs to be correctly positioned in the market and needs to communicate and service that position. A Retail Concept needs to be: Innovative, Practical, Cost Effective, Results Driven In order to achieve the above the following steps need to be followed which are intended to be scientific(retail is serious business), and to objectify and demystify the process. Research on what is required to operate successfully in the future and not on historical practices. Definitely not whimsical. What is the selling strategy? Who is the customer and why would he or she choose to shop at a particular store? Is it because of service, speciality, convenience,leisure, value? Is it because of the distinctive products and/or services? Whatever the strategy, consumer behaviour, demographics and psychographics need to be considered, which depending on the application may also need to be experiential and entertaining. Space Planning Concepts are architectural/interior designers who are concept orientated in the design and planning of architectural interior space, and other three dimensional environments. For more information on this topic contact Space Planning Concepts”

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