Onesie Zoosie Australia

“The best online shop for gifting those who are looking for something a little different. Onesies, comfy costumes, fancy dress for all shapes and sizes. Only those who love a bit of fun should check us out! Onesie Zoosie Australia was established in 2013 when a couple, Ben and Krystal were stumped for a themed idea for Ben’s 30th birthday party. After countless hours roaming the same old themes and not really excited about any of them. They stumbled on a Japanese costume called kigurumi which was super comfy and looked even better. Yes! It fit the profile, it was different and it was fun! After the party they realized there was a hole in the market for this particular item. All other sellers weren’t doing such a great job, so they decided they would do it and do it better. Then came Onesie Zoosie Australia. They had custom onesies made and catered to all walks of life from kids to grandparents, all could have playing around in one their onesies. Today, Onesie Zoosie has grown to be one of the largest online sellers of Onesies. They look after you as the one who wants to party, or you the one who wants to relax at home on the couch watching a lazy movie, they just look after you! Detail Page.”

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