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Network your Shopping Experience

“A new in-store experience for connected shoppers combines internet networking and shopping. Referred to as social retailing it is the latest fad among the worlds top-end retail shops. This technology uses an in-store intelligent mirror that can email photos and videos of shoppers in a chosen new outfit to family or friends and even to mobile phones for real-time feedback. This will allow customers to see what others have purchased. US Retailing giant chain Bloomingdales has started using this technology this month week in its USA stores. Social retailing has been developed and trademarked by US company IconNicholson and was first demonstrated at the ˜Store of the Future conference in the US a few months back. The interactive mirror transmits high-bandwidth video to friends who can comment back via instant message (IM) and who send their own suggestions from the stores online catalogue. Perhaps this the best way to combine a Bricks and mortar shopping experience with online shopping.”

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