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Millions of Lame Duck Web sites

“ Do you actually get traffic to your web site? Do people ever visit it, or use it? Are they prospects who might buy from you, or just a few that stumbled across your site? There are millions of webs sites out there that get virtually no web traffic. No Hits. No useful visitors. Some may be pretty. Perhaps even a work of art. Some may be an excellent brochure giving a brilliant presentation and a wealth of information about your products and services to the few who actually read them, but if your not getting qualified visitors, then your website is like a bunch of junk mail flyers that were never ever delivered. If your web site is one of those, you can change that with an investment of your time. You dont need to spend a lot of money to turn your web site into an effective marketing tool, but you do need to invest some regular time. Thats the key cost to getting ranked on Google so that it can send you fresh prospects every day for free. Read How To Get Ranked By the Search Engines.”

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