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Major problems at Australian Ports

“The introduction of a new Integrated Cargo System at Australian ports has caused havoc with importers and retailers unable to get stock to consumers at a key time of the year for consumer goods imports. Most retailers have a small window before Christmas which is their most important selling period. In another slap in the face to small business, the Australian government stubbornly refused to consider the complaints about inadequate testing of the system and defer its implementation, continuing with the new system despite causing massive delays at ports. After continued pressure from industry the Federal Minister for Justice and Customs, Senator Chris Ellison attended a meeting with stakeholders from across the supply chain. The meeting was advised of potential for significant economic and financial damage and even job losses, and potential claims for compensation for additional costs. The meeting failed to get the Government to reconsider. It is expected to take as much as eight months befor problems with the new Integrated Cargo System at Australian ports can be resolved”

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