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Kylie Minogue Lingerie Dumped by Retailers

“Pop star Kylie Minogue has reportedly been left out in the cold after two of Australia’s larger retailers announced they will no longer stock her lingerie collection. The marketers have reportedly been advised by department store Myer and boutique chain Bras N Things that Kylie’s lingerie is no longer popular. The news will be dissapointing to Kylie, who is in remission after being diagnosed with breast cancer last year, especially when her comeback concerts are aparently far from sold out. Whats your take on this? Is Kylie just too old to sell stuff to the teens any more? Is the cancer news a negative for unsympathtic teens or has the public already seen too much of her lingerie on stage? Could it be a general backlash against lingerie for teens, with recent negative news reports on parents who buy, and retailers that carry, sexy lingerie designed for young children who are hardly old enough to go to school?”

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