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“I would like to make a quilt for a baby from some nice flannelette in shades of beige/cream/coffee colours. Naturally I can’t find the material or the colours. There is a certain selection of colours out there but not in the shades I desire. It feels like I’m looking for such colours or should I say neutrals that are such a latest/newest fashion that you can’t find them anywhere. Mate, it’s only out there everywhere for the last five years, so don’t worry mate, it’ll come eventually! I tried to search the web, the yellow pages; I called up retailers and wholesalers …nothing. Not to mention that summer is only 3 months away so we can’t be possibly sewing with something that is perceived to be a winter fabric. I am tempted to go and search the US market as it looks like there’s everything there and more of it too. Why? Sometimes it’s even cheaper to buy from half a world away too. Why? So what makes us so expensive in everything here? Is it because owning a continent is not a cheep affair or is it because there arent enough people on this continent to make the economy bustle and hustle? I know! Hey! You want to make a quilt!!?? Oh well, Mrs, then we have to charge you triple the price. Reason? Well, if you’re able to spend that teeny-weeny free time of yours on some leisure sewing than you should pay the price for it. (and make do with what’s there! @#!!*#!) ¦¦. Claudia”

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