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Disney goes into Fashion and Adult themes

“The Walt Disney Co’s consumer division, known for selling kid-oriented fashions at Wal-Mart in the USA, has been cashing in on a trend in haute couture for vintage art. Disney has sold over $US200 million in high-end and adult apparel featuring classic images of Mickey Mouse and his cartoon friends since 2003, with no signs of that interest flagging. The main buyers are luxury-loving teenagers and young adults in New York, Los Angeles, London and Tokyo who lead the fashion industry trends worldwide. Disney has licensed Alice and other Wonderland characters for lines of fabric, tableware, carpet tiles, decorative pillows and throws, jewellery and clothing. Meanwhile many parents are critical of Disney whos brand has been synonymous with small childrens entertainment and cartoons, ┬ábecause they now cannot let small kids watch the Disney Channel due to the total proliferation of shows with adult themes aimed at young children.”

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