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Australian Small businesses dissatisfied with Government

“With a federal election looming in 2007, nearly half of small businesses are dissatisfied with the Federal Government’s contribution to the development of small business in Australia, according to the latest MYOB Australian Small Business Survey. Overall, 44% of small businesses perceived the Federal Government’s contribution to be poor (i.e., ‘very poor’ and ‘somewhat poor’), a figure that has remained consistent over the past year. Interest Rates and Red tape (BAS reporting, GST and Occupational Health and Safety requirements) were the main concerns. See the full MYOB press release. These figures suggest a sharp contrast between the Federal Government’s position as the ‘government for small business’ and the perception of the Federal Government among business owners, since 73% of respondents did not think that the Federal or State Government is doing enough to reduce the red tape burden on business. With big business, (who are clearly the enemy of small business) still being allowed to make massive donations to both the major parties. There is no expectation that either party in government will be protecting the interests of small business who employ more that 48% of the Australian workforce and create the real wealth that gets taxed in this country. The Howard government’s turnaround introduction of the GST system, on top of our existing taxation system, and their scandalous efforts to get rid of the Hanson party, (who had a very simple bank deposits tax system and no tax returns, which big business would not be able to cheat on), is a clear demonstration of the unwanted power of big business in this country. (Of course the Liberal government also jumped in and removed the existing Bank Debits tax system for their political masters to stop it being pushed in the future).”

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