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Australian Shoppers Prefer Quality Specialist Stores

“Recent survey results published by AC Nielsen show Australian shopping trends toward a shopper preference for quality specialist retail stores and a trend away from the major supermarket chains. Whilst supermarkets remain the dominant retail trade vehicle with frequent consumer patronage (98% percent of respondents weekly), they had also visited; a fish shop or butcher (34% up 5% from previous year), a fruit & veg. specialist (50% up 7%), and a bakery (50% also up 7%). So whilst they get the grocery items at the majors, discerning shoppers go to the specialist for the fresh food categories. And its because of a perception of quality (80%). Perhaps its because big business can not get their staff to attend to handwork details with quality, whereas the little guys know exactly what the consumer wants and quickly adjust. I think the same lesson applies to gifts and homewares. The small specialist will always be more in tune with consumer trends in their area of specialty”

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