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A Lesson in Marketing from the Big Boys

“Are you sick of seeing the daily press releases saying that the big game console products supply will never meet demand this Christmas? Every year its the same routine. With the following series of press released progressively jammed everywhere possible:- The must have new Games release is coming. The must have new gamer release should be ready for Christmas Shopping Sales. Production delays mean there may not be enough units produced to meet demand. We are still hoping to get enough units for the Christmas rush. We now believe there will only be a small shortfall in units. So & So retail store hopes to get allocated X number of Units. Retailers have only received part of their allocation. The level of further retail stocks and when they will arrive in shops is unclear. Initial feedback from retailers has confirmed that a number of stores are already sold out. Some retails stores have been able to get restocked. Hundreds of shopper lined up to get into the local So & So Games outlet. After Christmas sales are still strong meeting the unsupplied pre-Christmas demand. New supplies of the highly demanded new release are now readily available. When you see the manufacturers go through this carefully constructed routine every year, you can see how they create the clambering shopping demand and keep the prices much higher than they need to be. The public are totally bombarded with news about the products. The youth swallow the pitch and the fear of being on the outside and create a massive word of mouth campaign that multiples the marketing effect among the ultimate users. The unwitting youth and parents that have to have one of these are totally focused on how they will be able to get one and not on the price at all.”

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