Zany Portable Mini Speakers for Iphone & SD Card or USB

“Fun shaped decor in portable mini speakers that will enhance the room decor and bring many hours of Music listening from your Ipod, Iphone, USB drive or SD card audio storage MP3 files. Excellent Gifts for teenagers. Zany Speakers are Importers/Distributors of a new range of Fun designs in portable mini speakers for ipods, iphones, and other phones as well as for MP3 & Mp4 files stored on SD card memory sticks and USB jump drives. The Speakers contain a re-chargeable battery and will run for 4-5 hours at normal volume levels to entertain music lovers who can each bring their own music files to the gathering because of the convenience of the USB & SD Card slots in the speaker and of course the 3.5 plug to link to the ipod/iphone or other mobile phones’s headphone socket. This will be the next craze for teenagers!!!!! Detail Page.”

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