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VW Kombi Diecast an exact Replica Perfect for Volkswagen Enthusiasts

Samba Die Cast VW Kombi
Samba Die Cast VW Kombi
Samba Die Cast VW Kombi

We invite readers to review the 1962 Volkswagen Kombi diecast Samba 5″ with a Black top in Red
The Volkswagen Kombi is a totally classical car and for VW enthusiats  the original samba is one of the most rare restored vehicles that classic car collectors want.

For Volkswagen memorabilia enthusiasts though, we have a  VW Kombi replica die-cast scale models that is a perfect desktop and bar ornament or coffee table decoration that your guests will want.

So order the worlds favorite VW Kombi Van, Samba model in a scale model that is an official Volkswagen replica product.

At our prices you can make them an inexpensive toy for a kid that appreciates good cars and will soon  get to appreciate other VW memorabilia because it has the pullback action that kids love.

Order VW Kombi die-cast Samba model here from Coastal Designs Decor



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