Trade Fair Exhibitors Beware

“A foreign company from Austria, Construct Data Verlag AG, trading as Fairguide consistently sends companies exhibiting at Australian trade fairs, a pre-completed directory listing form for their online directory. It would be easy to simply sign the form and return it in their pre-paid envelope without reading it fully, as many online directory listings are free. However beware as the fine print on the form makes it into an order for a 3 year full sized insertion subscription at US$1531.00 per year, (around AUD$1,850.00 per year a total of AUD$5550). Whereas they seem to list all exhibitors basic details in their directory anyway. Their fee also seems a little high when listings in many online directories (like for example) are FREE. Additionally, you probably would get a lot more bang for your buck in local directories if you are primarily targeting Australian retailers.”

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