Taste of Philly Cookbook

“You probably dont know this, but we at DailyDealTime are multi-talented. We multi-task incessantly, scrounging up unbeatable deals, drinking Chai tea and cleaning up after ourselves in the employee lunchroom (the boss is always harping, œYour momma dont work here!), all at the same time. One of our editors even fancies himself an amateur gourmet cook. Not sure exactly what an œamateur gourmet is, but whatever. The grilled basil-chicken alfredo pizza with avocado, capers and roasted red peppers he brought in last week was a big hit. And then it occurred to me (bright ideas just keep poppin into my head, you know): Id like to see a cookbook of local specialties. So¦ What if DailyDealTime sponsored a cookbook of unique and charming dishes from local Philly restaurants? Who better, right? DDT is, after all, in partnership with the best of Phillys restaurateurs, gourmet eateries and nom-nom establishments. Who better to gather a book of recipes, one or two from each creator and procurer of authentically Philadelphine cuisine, and then offer it to our subcribers and fellow brotherly lovin citizens? But this is just another one of Scotty Bears outside-the-box ideas. Im going to need support on this one. So please, Im soliciting your views. I call on you¦ Friends, Phillians, Countrymen: Should I approach the boss and ask him to have DailyDealTime create a uniquely Best of Philly cookbook for posterity, and to place a copy of that cookbook in the DailyDealTime time capsule on Delsea Drive in Westville, to be opened by aliens in the year 2111? Every once in a while, you run across an idea Whose Time Has Come. (I must say upfront, however, that both œTaste of Philly and œBest of Philly seem cliche to me. I prefer œPhilly Taste Cookbook. Think we need a focus group; at the very least, a casual poll. It worked for the DDT t-shirt design, after all.) More Details: Discount Deals Daily Deals Online Philly Deals”

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