Taking a Platter to a High Tea

Great Gourmet Cookies for a High Tea Party

Great Gourmet Cookies for a High Tea Party

If you have been invited to a High Tea Party then your probably looking forward to a pleasant afternoon of relaxation away from the daily grind.

You may be thinking to take an interesting gourmet contribution to the High Tea Party. We suggest a quick fix with a platter of gourmet hand made cookies, but you don’t always have to bake these.

You can buy gorgeous hand made cookies from Bush Cookies instead. A variety, (at least three types) of cookies can make a beautiful presentation on a large platter, especially with a colourful adornments like some fruit. Maybe take some in fashion, healthy, Matcha Tea to go with them?

Buy Bush Cookies at your local gourmet grocer for your cookie platter, or order them online for overnight delivery.

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