Save Energy Save Money

“Save Energy Save Money is Australia’s first energy and price comparison website. With many appliances for your kitchen from washing machines to dishwashers you can choose from all the top brands then compare prices from our many trusted suppliers. Check out the Save Energy Save Money website todayShoppers are overwhelmed with options and questions when it comes to purchasing new electrical products for the home or the office. Do you choose a top load or front load washing machine? An LED, LCD or CRT monitor? A laser printer, LED printer or all-in-one printer? A product that has more energy stars yet is more expensive than another. Questions are now answered and the choice is made easier than ever with Save Energy Save Money, Australia’s first energy efficiency product comparison website. This easy-to-navigate, straightforward website gives visitors easily-digestible information on energy consumption and annual running costs across world-leading brands like Apple, Samsung and Dell. Empowered with knowledge, consumers can make informed decisions about the environmental impact and potential energy bill savings of products before they commit to purchases. Detail Page.”

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