Sam and Son

“Luxury Shaving for Men. This is the Men’s range you need| Advertising and Product information provided. Great Men’s Gifts, Father’s Day, Young and Mature Men’s ranges.Sam &| Son Manufactured in Queensland provide the highest quality in Men’s Shaving, Quality Badger Hair Shaving Brushes. Exported worldwide they provide value because of the quality in manufacture. With two distinct ranges the entry level is aimed at the younger generation with a strong focus on design whilst the premium Shaving Brushes provide an opulent shaving experience. This is the Men’s range you need. Any support you require is provided, advertising material, posters, postcards, all included. If you require guest blog posts we can provide generic (men’s shaving) or customised articles. Paired with the right shaving cream brands we can provide you with repeat customers who seek out these quality products. Detail Page.”

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