Rustic Farmhouse Charm

“Love farmhouse style decor? Come browse our gorgeous hand-selected pieces and lovely upcycled furniture and home decor! Free pick up, or postage $5-$20 within Australia for postable items. Based in Perth.Online retailer of unique home decor, furniture and collectables. I mostly love the rustic back-to-nature farmhouse feel as it is not limited to a single style. Rather, it is anything that brings out the inherent beauty of nature… in things simple, rugged and imperfect… or elegant and classic! The farmhouse style is really flexible as it’s an attitude to simplistic living (not to be confused with minimalism!). Be it remiscent of an Australian, American, French or even a Chinese farmhouse, be it rustic, industrial, vintage, romantic or modern, it’s ultimately whatever that makes you feel comfortable, warm and at home. In my shop, you’ll find both upcycled beauties as well as real rustic treasures, all done up and/or handpicked by me 🙂 Brand new pieces that call out to me will also be available to you 🙂 It’s so fun to mix and match the old and the new! I hope you’ll enjoy browsing and shopping and decorating your own cosy farmhouse style home! Detail Page.”

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