Reed Gift Fair’s Giftnow site crashed out

“The retailer’s shopping Directory Giftnow.com.au has been crashed for multiple days now. Every time it has been revived it crashes again soon after. No announcement has been made by Giftnow or by Reed Gift Fairs or Intermedia.The troubled Giftnow.com.au directory & Hosting site operated by Reed Gift Fairs and Intermedia has been promising to fix basic hosting issues for some years. After announcing big plans at the recent Melbourne Gift Fair to overhaul the site with a new direction nothing more has been heard of the changes since.Now the site has turned catastrophic for the multitude of Wholesalers who host their merchant websites with giftnow as for the past weeks the site has been crashed with only brief reappearances of the websites.Retailers have been unable to get their final orders before Christmas and wholesalers are going to the Christmas break with no confidence that their merchant sites will be working in the new year.The giftnow website previously called gpoint was originally developed by the Gift and Homewares Industry who have in recent years commenced a rival site called Vende.”

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