RediGift Australia

“RediGift offers a unique service with a thoughtful collection of gifts and gift hampers for every occasion. We only offer select quality products, many of which are exclusive and designed by RediGift. Shop our collection of unique giftware.RediGift is a family owned business. The website launched a few months ago, however, the gift hamper side of RediGift launched in Sept 2011 . We are very proud of our South Australian gift hampers. As you can see from our website, we offer a wide range of hampers with a price to please everyone from personal to corporate, from less expensive to more expensive, etc. We have a few food and wine lines that we have managed to label with our own RediGift label and have called it “Cheeky Wombat.” This is the Cheeky Wombat message on our labels: “Cheeky Wombat represents South Australia in all its finest. Not only is the Hairy-Nosed Wombat the faunal emblem of South Australia, but Cheeky Wombat also carries the floral emblem of South Australia, Sturt’s Desert Pea. These representations are proudly presented as an indication of the quality of the products South Australia has to offer.”

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