RAPT By Design

“We offer custom made jewellery including a Bridal Range. We will design any Jewellery for you. We have a large range of Vintage pieces. All our Jewellery is for HIRE or SALE. We now offer Jewellery making Workshops.RAPT By Design is a gorgeous little shop in Times Square Claremont. They know the power of the perfect accessory. They custom make their jewellery so every piece is unique. They also have a large range of Vintage pieces. All their Jewellery is for HIRE or SALE. Go in and talk to Nikki or Jo and they can design the perfect piece of jewellery for that special occasion. They are now offering Jewellery Workshops. Held every day there is a class to suit everyone from beginners to advanced. Learn how to Knot Pearls and work with ART CLAY SILVER. From time to time RAPT will be holding specialist workshops. These will be listed on their website and placements will be limited. They also have a lovely collection of gifts for sale from Handbags to trinket boxes, there is something for everyone.”

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