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Pens By Glenn

Pens By Glen
Pens By Glen

“Over many years our artisan has developed a passion for woodworking, antique restoration and fine furniture. Under the banner of Glenworth Group, we have developed a solid reputation for exceptional and meticulous performance. Our subsidiary, Pens by Glenn, is the outlet for our artisan to demonstrate his passion for woodworking, turning and creative vision. A small, proudly Queensland business, Pens by Glenn aims to deliver unique, stunning pieces of wooden art and practical, stylish writing

Pens by Glenn loves to have satisfied customers. Our team is committed to meeting your needs and as a result, a high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals. We love to design and create wooden art, and every time a piece finds a new home it takes a little bit of us with it. Each of our pieces is custom made, so every item listed on this site is truly unique and one of a kind. While our pens, pacers, torches and letter openers make wonderful gifts for friends, family and loved ones, we can also fill larger orders. In fact, some of our most satisfied customers are corporate clients looking for something a little special for their stakeholders, staff or partners. Get in touch, we would love to discuss your gift needs. Detail Page.”

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