Party Plan How to Start a Party Plan Business

“Some wholesalers offer organised Party Plan sales programs for sales people who like to work from home. If you need a structured framework to work in, then that’s the way for you. However if you are confident, self starting and entrepreneurial you may decide to become an independent Party Plan operator. Where you can reap much bigger rewards if you are good at it.Why Become an independent party plan operator. ¢ Party Plan is a very low start-up capital business with nominal overheads¢ Independent Party Plan operators get much higher margins as there is one less middle man¢ You can still work from home, be your own boss. But you can also do it your way.¢ You decide when, where and how much you work.¢ You can Try it part time before you quit a job.¢ Independents can offer a wide range of products from a large number of Wholesalers. because they are not restricted to one company’s products¢ Change your products regularly. Your Customers won’t get sick of the same old stock.¢ No Hard sell. Co-coordinating a party sale is a rewarding experience.¢ Low Starter Kit stock (Can be Less than $200).¢ Choose you own incentives & Gifts* for your Party Hosts.¢ No subscription fees.¢ No minimum sales requirements.¢ No quotas and no territories¢ No compulsory meetings to attend.¢ No complicated pyramid selling systems.¢ No requirements to train or recruit other operators.*Party hosts usually receive a percentage of sales (excluding delivery fees) in free products, and can also shop at as much 50% off for goods up to a certain percentage of sales.Successful Party Plan Operators are usually those who are well organised self disciplined and enjoy working with people.Types of Party Plan OperatorsFriends & Family Party Plan OperatorLikes the idea of buying products for personal use at Party Plan Operator discounts. Sells to neighbors, friends, relatives, etc. through catalog orders and home shows.Part-Time Party Plan OperatorPart-time, consistent Party Plan Operator who desires to make a specified monthly income to pay for pre-school, student tuition, car or loan payments, etc.Hobby Party Plan OperatorEnjoys doing home shows and earning extra money when it’s convenient. Works a lot some months and less at other times.Work-Site Party Plan OperatorWorks for a business with lots of employees who love our goodies. Makes it convenient for workmates and associates to order and earns extra income also.Short-Term Goal Party Plan OperatorSells for a short period of time. Wants to earn a specified amount. Stops when he/she’s reached his/her goal.Business-Building Party Plan OperatorViews Party Plan as a viable business. Knows it can provide a full time income. Works at her business in a consistent and on-going manner – It’s a real job!So find a party Plan Vendor here or be independent and choose from a large number of Wholesalers. “

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