Party Plan – How to get Bookings

“Here are some ideas to help get extra Party Plan bookings. If you see something that sounds fun, try it at your next party plan party. Lucky Door Prize Forms Give lucky door prize forms to each guest. The forms should briefly ask for their contact details and if they would like to book a show or if they are interested in becoming an operator. While they are completing the forms suggest that anyone who said yes or maybe to booking a show that they can get can get a discount off their order tonight if they name a date to host a party tonight. This really helps getting guests booked and sometimes, guests will change their mind about a booking to save a few dollars. Even if its still a no, you have her contact details to call her when you have a great special to offer! Book-to-look envelopes Prepare for the party by making Book-to-look envelopes for each guest. In each envelope place a coupon for gift, 10% off coupon, 20% off coupon, 1/2 price item of their choice, $30 gift certificate, etc. (whatever you would like to give away). Give each guest an envelope and ask them not to open it until you say. After you talk about the hostess benefits, tell them that the envelopes are a game and they can open them if they book a party plan party. This works well, because it will keeps them wondering what is inside. (let them open them if they book a show, but explain that they get to cash it in at their own show) Announcing interim results Allways stop half way through order taking at each party and announce how much the hostess has in dollar sales so far. Advise how much she will recieve so far in free products, items at half price, etc. But also that if she has at least one booking within 14 days she will receive X dollars in free product! Sharing the excitement gets potential hosts to volunteer to help her and gets new hostesses excited for their party as they see how easy it is to go on a free shopping spree! Discounts for referrals Tell everyone at a party that if they can give you contact details for a list of their friends that might enjoy the products (min of 5-10) that they can take 10% off her order. This is a great way to make new contacts and possibly bookings. January Bonuses Give everyone who attends a December party a voucher for something special if they host a January party. This will give you a good start for the new year and will give guests a chance to spend all that Christmas money. Party Swaps Party Swaps can work very well bringing in extra monthly sales and helping you build a new customer base. If you contact Party plan operators for other firms they are often glad to conduct their party for some of your regulars, in exchange for a reciprocal party with their regulars.SUBMIT YOUR PARTY PLAN IDEAS Experienced operators are invited to submit your party plan promotion, and operation ideas using the feedback form on our contact page.”

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