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“Often a game can make a sales party a lot more fun and create a good atmosphere. Its important so explore some of the better games and entertainment methodsHOSTESS TIC TAC TOEA good way to give your hostess extra incentive before the party. Draw a grid of 3 x 3 squares. Label each square with achievement levels like the samples belowThen for each completed row, give the hostess a gift. Plus a larger gift for an addition completed row, plus a bonus gift or discount if she completes the whole board.Hostess Tic Tac Toe Board Ideas- Have your party on the scheduled date- Have 8 guests in attendance- Have 4 guests I have never met- Have 20 names or more on your guest list- Have outside orders over $160- One Party Booking confirmed before your party- Personally invite everyone on your list by phone or in person- Have orders of $600 or more on the day of your party- Sign up to be a consultant- Hostess or Guest Enquire about becoming a consultantYou can adjust the levels to suit.THE RAFFLE TICKET GAMETell all guests that there will be a raffle as they enter and give everyone a raffle ticket. (Extra tickets can be given for those who fill in and return a contact form). Later point out that they need to ask you questions about your business or hostess plan to get extra tickets and the more questions asked, the more tickets are handed out, and the more tickets a person gets, the more chance of winning and that there will be a bonus question. When the bonus question is asked ( How much does an operator’s display kit cost ), make a big deal out of it and give the guest 10 tickets.(they MUST raise their hand, and no one can ask more than one question at a time. There must also be someone else between each question)After all questions are asked, you play a little game where you have 3 gifts, with the first ticket drawn getting to pick first, then next ticket picks one and then the last ticket gets to keep third prize OR swap it for either of the other two (so third ticket drawn might be the best one).The Raffle and Ticket game allows everyone to learn about your business and have some fun too. Wrap up the game by telling everyone how much you enjoy your job and invite them to take a More Info pack if they are interested (have the packs ready right then). After you have wrapped up the party, be sure to speak to anyone who took a packet and/or take their details so you can keep in contact.THE FREE CARD GAMEAn excellent game for keeping your guests attention when you do your speel on the hostess benefits. All you will need is a deck or two of playing cards, and a mystery GiftTell the guests at the beginning of your party that whenever you say the word Free, the first person who yells out Free Card , will get a card. For added fun, you should give them the card face down, and tell them no looking. If they peek they must give back the cards.Ensure you mention the word free as many times as possible throughout your demonstration. with phrases like:A Hostess will receive $100 in FREE products when …All this can be yours, FREE , when you….when you get FREE time you can earn this for FREE ?Get a FREE …… with the purchase of …..Becoming a Party Plan Operator yourself will give you the FREE dom to …..If you dont know who yells out Free Card first, then give a card to all who said it. At the end of the demonstration the highest point scorer wins the prize.Aces are worth 50 points – J, Q & K are worth 20 points – the other cards are woth face value only.PASS THE GIFTAfter introducing yourself, have your guests sit in a circle. Pass out some gifts or samples. You can either have one larger gift, or a few smaller ones (ideal if you have a large group)Next tell guests that you’re going to read a story and every time they hear the word Right or Left , they will pass their gift in that direction.You can modify this story to suit your own style.Story:I left home this evening and headed on over to ______ house. I knew I was headed in the right direction for fun. I arrived right on time and quickly set up my display. Then you all arrived and sat right down. Thank-You! I got right to work and told you all about our great sponsor company, hostess program and income opportunity. I hope nothing was left out.In a moment I will be showing you more of our great products. If you left home with the intention of shopping for gifts tonight, remember we have the right gifts for everyone. Be sure to review your shopping list for upcoming birthdays and special occassions. We wouldn’t want anyone to be left out.Our firm has a 7 day money back guarantee! When your merchandise comes in please check it right away and if something is not right, please ask __________ to call me and you can be sure I will take care of it right away and make it right. You don’t want to be left with something your not 100% satisfied with, right?If you’d like to be a Hostess and earn lots of free merchandise, you will want to get right to work picking out your date before my calendar is too full. You see, when you host a party, you can pick out lots of great products you want at the right price. That is for FREE.I’m enjoying being here with all of you tonight and I hope that you are having fun, too. I know you can’t wait to see more. So without further delay, I will get right to the point of this demonstration, which is showing you our fabulous products. Therefore, there is really nothing left for me to do now except to congratulate our winner!THE TOP POINTS GAMEYou will need a piece of paper & pen for each guest.Poem:I wonder who came here from afar,Give yourself 5 points if you came by car.Were you on time? Not one minute late?Punctuality pays so give yourself 8.Give yourself 5 points if you brought your own pen,BUT if you left dishes in the sink, then take away 10.Gadgets are great for simplifying our lives.If you own a computer then you can add 5.A watch is worth 6 and each ring gives you 2,add 10 more points if you are wearing blue.Count all of your buttons… each gives you 1Except if they are white and then you get none.1 point for each year that you have been wed,But take away 5 if your shoes are red.Now kids are great, on that we agreeSo for each one you have you may now add 3.Add 12 if you kissed your husband or boyfriend today,If you kissed both, subtract 20, trouble’s coming your way!Now we are almost done, but there IS just one more.So hold on to your horses, don’t total that score.You’ll get a 50 point bonus, you’ll be a V.I.PJust by hosting your own (Your Company) party!Have the guests total their scores. The one with the most points wins a prize. If you have a large group, you may also want to give a prize to the one with the least points tooREPLACE THAT HUSBAND GAMEGive each guest a pen and paper and tell them to list a household item that they would love to get rid of. Then, have them list five reasons why they would get rid of it.After everyone is done writing, say, OK. that household item that you have written down, I want you to cross it out and replace it with your husband or boyfriend’s name. When they in turn read back the sentence they must say: I want to replace (name of husband/boyfriend) because he is………………….. and list their reasons.It’s a fun game and everyone loves it. The one that has the most outlandish answers wins.BACK TO BACK GAMEHave each guest get a partner and stand back-to-back (no sisters or mother and daughters as partners). They cannot look at each other. Have them number a piece of paper 1-14, and ask the following questions. If there’s an uneven number of guests, have one stand back-to-back with you and play the game with her.What color hair does she have?What basic color is she wearing?How many rings does she have on?How many children does she have?Is she wearing a girdle?How old is she?Is she wearing shoes or sandals?What is her husband’s name?Is she wearing buttons?Is she wearing a watch?Does she have nail polish on?Does she have earrings on?What is her favorite television show?What color are her eyes?Have them check answers after. The guest with the most correct wins.THE PECULIAR PARTY PLAN GAMEGive each of the guests a piece of paper and a pen. Read the following poem. Give a prize to the person with the most points, and to the person with the least points!This is a rather peculiar gameIt really does not have a nameIt’s simple to play as a game should beYou just do as you’re told, you seeSo now if you’ll please give me your attentionWe’ll put an end to this suspensionIn the end, whoever scores the mostWill receive a prize of which to boastNow since you’re all fashionable girlsGive yourself 5 if you have any pearlsYou may add 3 if your toes peek outAnd earrings will give you 2 more to shoutScore yourself 5 if you show any redAdd 6 more for a curl on your headNow before you think you are going to winTake away 2 for each safety pinGive yourself 6 if your pants are tightAdd 1 for a scarf which is just about rightAdd 5 more if your shoes are blackAnd take away 3 for a zipper in backNow count all your buttons, for each you get 2And take away 1 for each button that’s blueGive yourself 5 if your heels are highAnd why not take 10 for the green in your eye10 more points for a rose on your clothesTake away 5 if you forgot to wear hoseIf your husband you kissed today – add 9If you didn’t subtract 12 – you’re subject to fineThis is the end…there isn’t anymoreWinner:Who is the lucky lady with the highest score?HAVE YOU EVER? Party Plan GameGuests receive one point for each answer, the one with the lowest score wins a prize. This is a great game! You can add or modify questions as you like.Locked yourself out of the house?Lost a member of the family while out shopping?Put something unusual in the fridge?Turned white colors pink (or another color) in the wash?Gone away from your home and left the iron on?Put your heel through the hem of a dress?Had your zip break in public?Gone somewhere with two different shoes or socks on?Remembered an appointment after it was too late?Called a member of the family by another name?Been ready to bathe and found no hot water?Fallen up the stairs?Gone shopping for groceries and discovered you did not bring any money with you?Driven away from somewhere while a member of your party was still out of the car?Dialed a phone number and forgot who you called? (Or pressed Redial and called someone you didn’t mean to call?)Locked the keys in your car?Got into the car to go somewhere and forgot where you were going?Put something in the oven to bake and forgot about it?So dont be frightened to look for new game ideas or create your own variations to these entertaining party plan games.Find a party Plan Vendor here or be an independent party plan vendor and choose from a large number of potential Wholesalers for Party Plan here. “

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