Nature’s Secret

“Nature’s Secret supplies wholesale soy candles to gift shops , boutiques, market stall holders, day spas and many more. With our new wholesale website you can purchase directly with our secure online shopping cart at wholesale pricesNature’s Secrets natural soy candles are made from natural soy wax derived from the soy beans. We have created a luxurious and natural alternative to toxic paraffin candles. Nature’s Secrets natural soy candles are safe , biodegradable and highly fragrant. You can purchase wholesale soy candles directly from our new website. We also have a luxurious and delicious smelling ran ge of natural soy wax melts. Nature’s Secret uses the best natural soy wax on the market, high quality fragrance oils and pure essential oils. Our soy candles are natural, safe , biodegradable, longer lasting, highly scented, non toxic, no black soot and we use lead free cotton wicks. If you would like to stock our beatiful range of natural soy candles please visit our website at www.wholesalesoycandles.com.au You can purchase directly from our online wholesale site with our secure and safe online shopping cart!.”

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