Meerkat Computers Store

“On-line computer store for all your iPhone, iPad, iPod and computer accessories as well as network management and systems support for your Mac or PC. Plus web and email hosting and Domain name Registrations and renewals.Computer Network Design, Installation and Management. Meerkat Computer Services has been responsible for the Design, installation and Management of computer networks for Law, Architectural, Entertainment, Community, Arts, Media and Publishing organisations in Sydney Australia since 1991.?? We have over 20 years experience in making recommendations for all our clients technology needs that are appropriate and suitable for the job required at a very reasonable price. Meerkat Computers eStore If you have a technology situation that needs a solution we will do our best to recommend the product/s that will best fit the need and we will try to source them for you if they are not already on our store or tell you where you may find them. Just email us to ask. To help you with your product purchase choices we have installed a “Wish List” Module to our store that allows you to place the items you are considering to purchase in a “Wish List” for you to easily find at a later time.”

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