Hostile Bacon

“For lovers of unique and quirky gifts that are too good to be regifted and for your personal shopping we have a selection of handmade items for eg, lego cufflinks, , brooches and more, plus beeswax candles, journals, room deodorizers and still more.Purveyors of unique and quirky items, the team at Hostile Bacon are driven to source gifts that are too good to be regifted and for personal shopping. You will find a variety of handmade products by local designers, exclusive and limited collection pieces in addition to a variety of lifestyle and fashion items. New and exciting items are added to the site regularly to provide a great shopping experience for you. Distributors for Papier d’Armenie (Paper of Armenia) in Australia and New Zealand, it is a unique and natural room deodorizer popular in France for over 100 years. Traditional booklets, La rose and burners available for wholesale. Corporate, bulk and wholesale orders available for Lego Cufflinks, 3 Wishes Flags and Love Flags. If you’re looking for something unique and quirky don’t go past Hostile Bacon”

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