Fresh wedding flowers: Listening to the language of flowers.

“Can you imagine a wedding without flowers? Wouldn’t there be something rather empty about the event without the gorgeous blooms? It would be a black and white day, where even the bridesmaid’s gowns would be somehow not colorful enough. What would the bride carry and throw to the next bride-to-be? Most important of all the fragrance that should fill the room and bring back memories in years to come would not be there. Fresh wedding flowers bear the burden of being a part of the wedding that everyone will connect to, and carry with them for years to come. Their colors and fragrances will be reminders of a special day. Selecting the wedding flowers is a matter of integrating them into the color schemes, the room settings, the mood to be created and carrying on family traditions. Often times a bride will carry the type of flowers her own mother carried, symbolism is contained in flowers. In ancient cultures flowers carried significant meanings and were used on special occasions. The Elizabethan and Victorian eras saw the most popular attention to the language of flowers, portraits of royalty often had flowers as very visible features with deep symbolic messages. The most simple of flowers, the common daisy, symbolizes innocence. Pink roses portray friendship and happiness; red roses speak of love, and white roses declare œI am worthy of you. Even the green trimmings have a distinct purpose. They serve to frame the floral arrangements and draw the eye to them. Ferns, wreaths, the leaves of the flowers themselves act like the frame on a painting, making the colors stand out and speak their language and sing their songs. Nature’s symphony is in full voice and celebrating the event. When we look at the antique photographs of weddings past, the bouquet is always a center point of focus. It connects the couple with its simplicity and beauty and establishes a family tradition. A grandmother’s wedding dress may not survive the years, but the flowers can be found and gathered into a generation’s holding our hands in love and tradition. Flowers connect who we are and will be in the future when new generations look at the wedding pictures and plan to carry flowers that the bride carried on her day. The flowers at a wedding do many things for us. They set a mood of beauty and happiness. Their freshness tells us of a new relationship’s beginning. Their scent fills our senses with a sweetness and reminder of spring, a time when beginnings start. Flowers at a wedding carry on traditions from generation to generation. A bride can carry a bouquet like her mother, grandmother and beyond. Family albums will show a shared affection for the flowers in the bouquet. Flowers can also be the start of a tradition as well. Can you imagine a wedding without the color, scent, sentiment and meaning of fresh wedding flowers? It would not have any of these things. Plastic and silk can give the appearance of beauty, but only real, fresh flowers will ever be acceptable at weddings. Lola Blooms is renowned for making weddings special, supplying brides with the fresh wedding flowers. They also provide wholesale wedding flower to planners and florists.”

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