Evans Fishing Tackle

“Great quality fishing tackle. He will be very pleased with a gift from us. Keep him entertained for hours and oiut of your way. Send him fishing with EvansAt Evans we are proud to produce the highest quality Fishing Tackle that allows you to enjoy the quality of trouble free fishing that you deserve. At Evans we believe that fishing is more than a hobby but a chosen way of life. Thats why:- ¢ Our Fishing Rods are made from the highest quality Graphite. ¢ Our Fishing Reels are Solid Metal bodies and ¢ Our Line is made to our own individual specifications, providing you with the thinnest toughest fishing line on the market. When you purchase an Evans product you know you are getting Fishing Tackle designed by Fishermen for Fishermen. At Evans we design AND test our own gear. When we are 100% satisfied with the performance and quality of our product only then do we make the decision to manufacture. We have every confidence in our product, and we guarantee you will too.”

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