Duckprint Pty Ltd

“Unique and colourful bed linen is what we’re all about here at Duckprint. Our luxurious fabrics & unique doona cover designs will certainly add some renewed life to your bedroom. We ship Australia wide so make sure you check out our range of linen today Doona cover designs that stand out from the drab boring stuff that you see in retail outlets right now. We are a brand new start up fronted by Joey Thomas. All our product is make from 100% pure cotton in a thread count of 300 plus. We sell a range of designs, offering both conservative styles and bold and colourful prints. We offer great quality bedding at a very reasonable price point. All our sets include a quilt cover, 2 regular pillows AND two european pillowcases – which is a real bonus. I wanted to include 4 pillowcases in the standard set because I thought it really made the designs pop. I hope that these doona cover designs will help add life to people’s bedrooms and give people a chance to express a part of themselves. Please check out my website to see our huge new range of doona cover designs on offer!”

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