Bold Living Designs

“A World First Revolutionary Odor & Germ Free Kitchen Bin Your rubbish bin is a breeding ground for germs and bacteria that not only cause illness but also unpleasant odors. The O3Bin is a world first revolutionary kitchen bin that solve both problems, with registered patent to keep your kitchen fresh and clean. The quiet and smooth closing hands-free lid combined with the UV light that kills most microorganisms and bacteria helps keep your kitchen cleaner and you healthier! The UV lamp eliminates odors and microorganisms by creating ozone gas inside the waste receptacle. Ozone, a form of oxygen (O3), may have a scent similar to weak chlorine and works as a powerful oxidizing agent. Once the lid is closed the UV light activates to begin eliminating odors immediately. The LED indicator light on the lid illuminates when the UV light is active and blinks to show low battery level. The alert buzzer beeps when the lid isn’t closed correctly or when the lid is open for more than 30 seconds. Detail Page.”

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