Blue Seas Tackle Co

“BSTC designs and imports various types of fishing tackle and accessories. From these we have developed a range of Gift Hampers for Men tailored to suit Fishers who fish fresh or salt waters.

These gift packs can all stand alone, with only a rod and reel necessary to have a great time out there, whether your fav fisher is a novice or tournament competitor, uses bait, soft plastic or hard body lures. These packs are all available direct from our website and through various gift hamper outlets. Blue Seas Tackle Co provides a range of Australian designed fishing tackle, developed to meet the needs of Australian Fishers.

By drawing on established science in their design, our Swimerz and Finesse brands offer great value and even better performance across all fresh and salt water fishing conditions – and the fish just love ˜em! We also offer some great products from select international business partners, including a range of Head Sox, and rigging accessories.

When you use any of our products you can be sure you have made the right choice. As we are an importer and wholesaler, and so do not sell products direct to the public from our Sydney office, if you would like to purchase any of our products please go to our webstore to do this, where you will find a full range of all our retail fishing tackle. If you are interested in stocking our products you can contact us via the webstore or the contact details on this page. Detail Page.”

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