Be You Bangles Australia

“Affirmation Bangles, made from 100% stainless steel. Be You Bangles are inscribed with delicate fine text, over 30 affirmation bangles available. We provide all Packaging, display stands, promotional material with your first order. Be You Bangles have inspirational and empowering messages on them. We use a standard universal size which fits most hands. Be you Bangles are provided in gift boxes, stainless steel will never rust or tarnish. Light weight and made for comfort. Free ShippingBe You Bangles is committed to inspiring and empowering Australian Women. Our range of affirmation bangles offers daily re-enforcement and positivity to each day. Not only are our bangles stylish and simple, they are light weight, comfortable and will never rust, fade or tarnish. Made from 100% stainless steel Be You Bangles are lasered with delicate, fine text that is personal and non intrusive. Our gift packaging reflects the boutique nature of our product and is provided free will all first orders. Be You Bangles make a wonderful gift for women and girls. With over 30 affirmation bangles in stock at any time, updated regularly, customers can be sure to find an affirmation that resonates with them. We hope you love our range of bangles as much as we have in creating them. Be True, Be Free, Be You, Be You Bangles Australia Detail Page.”

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