70 Percent of Australia Post’s Parcels from Online Shopping

“Australia is experiencing consisten growth in online shopping sales as evidenced by the growth in freight from online shopping. According to Australia Posts comments in an article in the Courier mail volumes are increasing by 5-10% pa. Extract from the article Queensland parcel operations manager Seth Grantley said 70 percent of Australia Post’s parcel business was generated from online shopping. “And this area is continuing to grow as customers increasingly go online to do their shopping,” he said. “In the Brisbane area, parcel volumes increased by 5 percent over the past 12 months.” Mr Grantley said parcels were a major part of Australia Post’s future success, and a key platform of its business transformation strategy. “Online purchasing in Australia is forecast to grow from around $27 billion last year, to almost $37 billion by 2013,” he said. Slacks Creek’s Ali Norrie believes online shopping is the best way to save money. “I have been shopping online since I can remember, probably since I got my first job in 2004,” she said. “It was the price that attracted me to online shopping, items were always cheaper than in store and now it’s more about getting things I can’t find in store. Especially outfits, I can get something not many people have.” Miss Norrie said she used eBay for purchasing make-up from America, cheaper than local stores. “Usually for shoes and clothes I shop around on different (web)sites in America,” she said. “I haven’t had a problem with sizes, sometimes I take a stab in the dark and if it doesn’t fit, I can give it to someone else.” The 24-year-old accounts assistant said if products were cheaper in stores, she would shop in retail outlets. “If items were available locally and at the same price, I would shop there, but I don’t feel bad about saving money,” she said. For more details see the Courier Mail”

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